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      鎮巴縣位于陜西省南端,漢中市東南隅,地處大巴山腹地,東與安康市紫陽縣、漢陰縣相連,西北與西鄉縣毗鄰,南與四川省萬源市、通江縣接壤,有陜西“南大門”之稱。境內萬山重疊,溝壑縱橫。全縣平均海拔1234米,氣候屬北亞熱帶濕潤季風型(northern sub-tropical monsoon),年平均氣溫13.8℃,無霜期(frost-free period)236天。全縣總面積3437平方公里,轄11鎮13鄉474個行政村,總人口28萬人,其中農業人口25.07萬人,主要是漢族,另有苗、回、維、壯族,其中有苗民44戶220人,是中國西北最大的苗民聚居地。被譽為“紅軍之鄉、苗民之鄉、民歌之鄉”。

      Zhenba, a county in the depth of Daba mountains south of central Shaanxi Province and southeast of Hanzhong City, borders Ziyang County and Hanying County of Ankang City in the east, Wanyuan City and Tongjiang County of Sichuan Province in the south, and Xixiang County in the west, thus is reputed as the “Southern Entrance” to Shaanxi Province. At an average altitude of 1,234m, the mountainous area has a climate of a northern hemisphere sub-tropical monsoon type, with an annual average temperature of 13.8℃ and a frost-free period of 236 days.

      Of its 280,000 population on a land of 3,437km2, 250,700 are rural in 474 villages of 13 towns under the administration of 11 townships. Apart from the majority Han nationality, there are also the minorities of Miao, Hui, Uyghur, and Zhuang peoples, of which the Miao people amounts to 220 in 44 families, thus the county is also regarded as the largest Miao people inhabitation in the northwest of China, hence the reputation of “a county of the Red Army, the Miao people, and the folk songs”.




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