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      Lexicography provides at its best a joyful sense of busyness with language2) One is immersed in the details of language as in no other field. 3) Sometimes the details are so overwhelming and endless they sap the spirit and depress the mind4) Often at the end of a hard day’s work one realizes with dismay that the meager stack of finished work one has accomplished has an immeasurably slight impact on the work as a whole 5) As I hope the readers of this work will come to understand dictionaries do not sprint into being 6)People must plan them collect information and write them.7 )Writing takes time and it is often frustrating and even infuriating.8 )No other form of writing is at once so quixotic and so intensely practical.9) Dictionary making does not require brilliance or originality of mind.10) It does require high intelligence mastery of the craft and dedication to hard work.11) If one has produced a dictionary one has the satisfaction of having produced a work of enduring value.






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